If we claim something and it does not do it, we will refund you your purchase!
Based on the past track record of our own testing and thousands of sales of the Panalt Capsules into over 30 countries around the world, we issue our returns guarantee with confidence.

It takes consumption of only 1 Capsules to know if it is working for you or not.

Therefore we will refund users if one Capsules has been taken and the remainder of the Capsules are undamaged and the blister foil backing of the remaining capsules is intact.
The original packing must also be included in the return.
The returns claim form must be completed fully and returned with the product.

For obvious reasons the above returns policy is not applicable to single capsules purchases!

Because of the vast amount of common fraud that is committed on online sales, we reserve the right to use our discretion if we feel that a returns claim is unjustified or openly suspicious.

Information captured from a claims form entry is logged into our database for record.
Any person returning a product will not be able to reorder the same product in the future, as our database record would automatically reject the purchase

Panalt must not be taken with other medications, unless under the guidance of your Doctor.

The use of other medications and alcoholic drinks whilst using this product, will reduce the efficacy and performance of the product.
In these circumstances we will not refund your purchase.

Other factors that could reduce the performance of this product include: Excessive Alcohol consumption, Substance or drug abuse.

Returns Instructions

If you have read our returns policy and believe you are in compliance with all the information as indicated in the returns policy, then please download our Claims Form from Here.

Complete the form as per instructions and return this together with the returns product to:

P.O. Box 818
New Germany
KZN, 3620
South Africa

Please note: In the case of Credit Card or cheque purchases, we can only refund to the original account used at the time of the purchase.

Claims must be made within 30 days from date of original purchase.