Sexual Slang Terms

68:   slang for "you do me and I'll owe you one"
69:    mutual oral sex where the partners lie with their genitals facing each others mouths
80:    slang for a threesome
86'd: Dumped, dropped, or left behind
88:    Slang for an orgy


ac/dc:    Bisexual
acorn:    The head of the penis
active:    The aggressive sexual partner
agate:    A small penis
analingus:    Stimulation of the anus with the mouth, includes licking, touching, or tongue penetration
androgynous:    Not clearly masculine or feminine
aphrodisiac:    A food, odor, drug, or other substance that is said to increase sexual arousal and desire
arse:    Slang for "ass" of British origin
angel:    Male who pays for sexual acts
anus:    The opening of the rectum
areola:    the dark red or light brown ring of skin surrounding the nipple
around the world:    The act of kissing the entire body as a prelude to sex
asexual:    Absence of sexual feeling
auntie:    An aging male homosexual
auto-eroticism:    Masturbation
auto-fellatio:    Performing fellatio (oral sex) on one's own penis
auto-sadism:    An act whereby one inflicts pain on oneself
auxiliary intercourse:    Sexual climax achieved by moving the erect penis back and forth in the armpit

   - B   

back scuttle:    Perform anal intercourse
bag it:    Wearing a condom during intercourse
ball:    To have intercourse
bang:    To have sex with
Bartholin's Glands:    Two small glands near the vaginal opening that secrete lubrication during sexual arousal.
B/D:    Bondage and discipline
BDSM:    Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism combined into one
Beard burn:    When a man's facial stubble scrapes a woman's inner thighs or face during sexual contact
beef curtain:    slang for the vulva, which is the collective term for the external female genitalia
bestiality:    sex with animals
beating off:    male masturbation (many variations)
beaver:    Slang for female genitals
beefcake:    Nude males depicted in photographs
bidet:    Oval shaped porcelain bowl similar to a water fountain that women squat over to clean their genitals or stimulate themselves with.
bikini line:    The area of skin around a woman's genitals that is visible when a bikini is worn. Many women shave their bikini lines.
bisexual:    a person who is sexually or romantically attracted to both sexes
bitch:    A mean, irritated, spiritless, snappy, bad mood, or ignorant woman or a feminine male
blow:    1) To perform oral intercourse on a male 2) cocaine
blow job:    fellatio or oral intercourse performed on a male
blue balls:    Severe need for a male to experience sexual orgasm, symptoms include cramps, pain or swelling in the scrotum, and irritability.
boink:    To have intercourse with
bondage:    Getting sexual pleasure from being tied up
brownie queen:    Passive partner in anal intercourse
bugger:    to perform anal sex, often referring to sex with animals
bull dyke:    masculine female homosexual
bum:    British slang for "butt"
butch:    A lesbian who adopts the masculine role
butt plug:    A dildo-shaped object with a flared end that is used for anal or prostate stimulation

   - C   

castration:    removal of the male genitals by a surgical operation
cervix:    the entrance to the uterus in women, located at the top inside of the vagina
chakra:    According to Taoist tradition, one of seven energy centers in the body
cheat:    To be unfaithful to one's regular sex partner
cherry:    Imaginary unbroken genital seal or object of a virgin woman, usually refers to an unbroken hymen
circle jerk:    Where several men get together and masturbate together, doesn't have to be homosexual
circumcision:    the surgical procedure of removing the foreskin of the male penis
clap:    Slang for gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease
clitoris:    the most sensitive external female sex organ, located near the top of the vulva and generally covered by a clitoral hood of flesh
closet queen:    A male homosexual who hides his desires for other men
cock ring:    A rubber ring made to fit snugly over the base of the penis or the penis and the testicles with the purpose of sustaining an erection. Controversial.
cockteaser:    One who excites a male without carrying on to actual sexual relations
coitus:    (pronounced "KWA-tus") Sexual intercourse
coitus in ano:    Anal intercourse
coitus interruptus:    Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation
cold:    Unresponsive to sexual relations
come:    To achieve sexual orgasm; alternate spelling for cum
condom:    a sheath of latex, plastic, or animal skin worn over the penis to prevent sperm ejaculating into the vagina to prevent pregnancy or the transmission of disease
cornhole:    slang for the anus, also refers to anal sex
corona:    Rim of flesh which forms the base of the head of penis
Cowper's glands:    Small glands near the inside of the base of the penis that produce pre-cum in men. These glands are analogous to the female Bartholin's glands which also secrete lubrication.
crabs:    Lice which infect the pubic area of the body
cum:    semen
cunnilingus:    stimulation of the vulva with the mouth
cunt:    vagina, also used as a derogative reference a woman
cupid's hotel:    Slang for a vulva

   - D   

daisy chain:    A group sex activity in which there is a linking of several people by oral connections
dental dam:    a piece of latex placed over the vulva during cunnilingus to protect both partners from STDs
depilatory:    Something that removes hair from the body, usually cream
derriere:    The buttocks
diaphragm:    a dome-shaped cap of rubber designed to cover the cervical opening and prevent sperm from entering the cervix
dildo:    an artificial penis used in sexual activity
double bagging:    Wearing two condoms at once. NOT recommended as added friction can cause a higher instance of failure.
douche:    (pronounced "dewsh") The act of a woman cleansing her vagina with water or some solution. Research indicates douching causes a higher risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and is not necessary because the vagina is self-cleansing.
douche bag:    Derogatory term usually used to describe nasty women
drag queen:    Male who dresses in female clothing
dry fuck:    Moving against on another, clothed. To simulate intercourse
dyke:    A lesbian

   - E   

easy:    A person who needs little persuasion to perform sex acts
eat out:    To perform oral intercourse on a woman's genitals
ectopic:    Pregnancy where the embryo implants in the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus. Can be fatal to the mother.
effeminate:    Descriptive of a male who acts in a feminine manner
ejaculation:    Discharge from the penis during sexual climax
elbow grease:    slang for lubrication used during sexual activity
enuresis:    Urinating while sleeping
erection:    Description of a hard, often sexually-excited, blood-engorged penis
eroticism:    Tension caused by sexual desire
eunuch:    A male who has had his testicles removed
exhibitionist:    A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his body to others

   - F   

faggot:    A male homosexual
fairy:    A male homosexual
family jewels:    The testicles
feel up:    Touching a partner with your hands, can include the body and/or genitals
felching:    consuming the resultant semen after anal sex
fellatio:    stimulation of the penis with the mouth
female ejaculation:    Some women are reported to squirt clear fluid that is not urine during intense orgasms
femoral:    intercourse where the penis is slid over or up the outside of the vulva without being inserted into the vagina
fetish:    An object or part of the body which is normally considered non-sexual but which arouses erotic feelings such as leather, rubber, fair, feet, panties, and often strange or exotic in nature
fisting:    inserting a whole hand into either the vagina or the anus
fist fuck    Fucking a vagina or rectum with a hand or fist
flagellation:    Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm
foreskin:    skin covering the head of the penis in uncircumcised men
french kiss:    Kissing while touching tongues. A book can be written on this subject alone.
french tickler:    a condom with ridges, bumps, or something else designed to give women extra stimulation during intercourse. Not reported to work above and beyond what the man is otherwise capable of.
frenulum:    a particularly sensitive part of the male penis that is located just below the head on the side of the shaft that faces away from the man
frottage:    sexual pleasure from rubbing against another person
fuck buddy:    A casual friend one has sex with. The relationship isn't serious and in these cases the people involved usually trust one another to help relieve sexual tension without "fucking" up the friendship.
full house:    Having more than one venereal disease at the same time

   - G   

gang bang:    Group sex where one is fucked consecutively by many
gay:    Homosexual
genitals:    The human reproductive organs
gerbiling:    the activity of Urban Legend status regarding the insertion of a gerbil or similarly-sized rodent into the anus
get it up:    To achieve an erect penis
get some:    To attain sexual intercourse with someone
get your rocks off:    To ejaculate
give head:    To perform oral intercourse on a male, same as a blowjob or fellatio
glans:    The head of the penis
glory hole:    An opening cut into the partition between two commode stalls in a men's restroom through which oral intercourse can be performed
go down on:    To perform oral intercourse
golden shower:    when one person pisses on another for sexual pleasure
goose:    To press a finger into the cleavage of the buttocks
grope:    To handle another's genitals
G-Spot:    named for the man who discovered it, Grafenberg, this area is very sensitive in some women and is located about 2 knuckles' length inside the vagina on the side closest to the pubic bone
g-string:    A small brief worn over the genitals

   - H   

handballing:    same as "fist fucking"
hand job:    Masturbation, particularly at the hands of another
hardbody:    A person who is in peak physical shape
hard on:    An erect penis
heterosexual:    a person who is sexually or romantically attracted only to the opposite sex
hickey:    A spot on the skin that develops when it is sucked on enough to draw blood to the surface
homosexual:    a person who is sexually or romantically attracted only to the same sex
horn dog:    an asshole male who left his manners and dignity behind long ago to pursue women for merely sexual satisfaction
horny:    Sexually aroused; passionate, desiring sex
horse around:    To explore sexually without engaging in intercourse
hot pants:    Sexually aroused
hump:    to have intercourse
hung:    To describe the size of a large penis and/or scrotum
hustler:    Prostitute that searches for customers
hymen:    any tissue that partly or completely covers the vaginal opening

   - I   

impotent:    Male being unable to engage in sexual intercourse for lack of an erect penis
incest:    sexual intercourse between closely related persons
IUD:    intrauterine device, a method of birth control

   - J   

jack off:    male masturbation
jerk off:    male masturbation
jock strap:    supportive "underwear" for keeping male genitals in place while doing strenuous or physical activities such as sports
john:    a male who financially supports another for sex favors, usually referred to as a patron of prostitutes
johnson:    Slang for penis

   - K   

Kegel Exercises:    Genital exercises involving the PC muscle. Please find more information here.
kicks:    sexual thrills
kink:    doing what most people only think about
Kinsey average:    The amount of time sex researcher Alfred Kinsey determined that the average male takes to reach orgasm during intercourse; 2.5 minutes.
knocked up:    pregnant
KY Jelly:    A very popular and effective water-based lubricant used for making sex wetter, sloshier, and more enjoyable

   - L   

labia:    external folds of flesh of the vulva, "pussy lips"
labia majora:    the thicker, outside labia
labia minora:    the inner labia
lay:    To perform sexual intercourse (getting laid means getting sex)
lesbian:    a homosexual woman
lesbo:    slang for lesbian
libido:    Sexual appetite
load:    The fluid from an ejaculation
love:    the most important and most often neglected part of sexuality that must be a large part of it for the sex to be truly enjoyable

   - M   

make out:    To succeed sexually
mary:    An effeminate-acting male
masochism:    Where sexual gratification is achieved by pain
masturbation:    Manual self-manipulation of genitals
matinee:    A sex session in the afternoon
meat:    The penis
mercy fuck:    to have sex with someone out of pity rather than personal desire
merkin:    a hairpiece for the pubic region, was used in the old days to hide syphilis symptoms such as lesions and sores
money shot:    scene in porn films where the man ejaculates
monilia:    a type of vaginal yeast infection
mons:    mound of flesh located above the vagina
Montgomery nodes:    tiny little bumps that form on and around the nipples after puberty; these are completely normal
morning-after pill:    a type of birth control pill that is administered within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse to keep a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus
muff:    slang for vulva
muff diver:    a man who performs oral sex on a woman's genitals; sometimes derogatory
mutual masturbation:    Where partners manipulate each other's genitals

   - N   

narcissism:    One who is stimulated by one's own body
neck:    To embrace, kiss and fondle
nipple clips:    small devices that are placed on the nipples by some as part of sex play
nocturnal emission:    medical term for "wet dream" where a man ejaculates in his sleep, with or without a sexual dream
nonoxynol-9:    a popular spermicide that renders male ejaculate infertile by changing its pH
nuts:    The testicles

   - O   

OCT (optimum cum time):    the male orgasms and ejaculates at just the precise time so that both he and his partner are fully satisfied at the same time
Onanism:    An old derogatory term for masturbation that refers to Onan in the Bible who "spilled his seed." It is now believed that instead of masturbation, Onan withdrew from his partner during intercourse and God was angry at him for not procreating.
one night stand:    A sexual affair between two or more people who will probably never see each other again
on the rag:    derogatory term for a woman who is on her period
oral intercourse:    A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one person is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sexual gratification
orgasm:    The peak of sensation during sexual activity during which sexual tension is released

   - P   

package:    The male genitals
panty liner:    a pad that is used by women during menstruation
papaverine:    drug that is injected into the penis to cause it to become erect
pecker:    The penis
pederasty:    Insertion of the penis into the anus
pedophelia:    Sexual love of a child by an adult
peeping tom:    A voyeur
pelvic inflammatory disease (PID):    a bacterial STD that infects the female sex organs
penis:    The male sex organ consisting of head, shaft and base
perineum:    The area between the anus and the testicles, anus and vagina
pervert:    One who receives sexual gratification from kinky sex acts
peter:    The penis
phallus:    The penis
philistine:    an asshole
pickup:    Stranger who is induced to go elsewhere for sex
pink pearl:    a type of vibrator
piss hard on:    An erect penis caused by the need to urinate
pocket pool:    Masturbating through pants pocket
poke:    To engage in sexual intercourse
poontang:    derogatory term referring to a woman as a sexual object
poppers:    amyl nitrate, butyl nitrate, or a form of isopropyl alcohol that is inhaled before orgasm to greatly enhance sensation; very dangerous and can be fatal
precum:    Natural lube which oozes from the penis during and after extreme sexual excitement
prepuce:    male penis foreskin
prostate:    walnut-sized organ at base of urethra which eject semen, can be found a short distance up the anus and felt through the rectal wall
prostitution:    exchange of money for sexual favors
pudenda:    anatomical term for female vulva or reproductive organs
punanny:    reggae term for sex
pushover:    Easily persuaded to engage in sex
pussy:    Vagina
pussy whipped:    an unreasonable man that does everything his woman says no matter how silly or ridiculous

   - Q   

queef:    resultant air emitted from a vagina after it has trapped air pockets from intercourse or oral sex
queen:    An effeminate male homosexual
quickie:    A very brief sex act
quim:    British term for vagina

   - R   

Randy:    Australian term for being horny
rape:    sexual activity forced upon someone unwilling or unable to give consent
ream job:    licking the anus, also known as rimming
rectum:    tube between the colon and the anus
refractory period:    Immediately following ejaculation, further sexual orgasm or ejaculation is physiologically impossible during this period of time, which ranges anywhere from a few minutes to several hours and is common among almost all men
retrograde emission:    This is what happens when an ejaculation causes semen to back up into the bladder rather than spurting out the penis. Doing this on purpose can be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.
rim:    To use the tongue on the anus
rimming:    see analingus
road erection:    an unwanted erection that has nothing to do with sexual feelings and everything to do with a penis that has a mind of its own
rubber:    a condom

   - S   

safeword:    the code phrase or word used in any sort of sexual activity that really means "Stop NOW."
sadism:    Sexual stimulation associated with the desire to inflict pain, physical or mental on another
sadomasochism:    Both sadism and masochism existing in the same person
scat:    sexual acts involving feces (poop, shit)
schlong:    Jewish term for penis, often used in American slang
score:    To achieve sexual intercourse
scrotum:    The pouch or sac with contains the testicles
semen:    The fluid produced during ejaculation of the male
shoot:    To achieve orgasm
sloppy seconds:    refers to having intercourse with someone after someone else has first
smegma:    White matter which collects under the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis
snatch    Slang for vulva
snowballing:    a male swallowing his own ejaculate after it has been in someone's ass, mouth, etc.
sodomy:    often simply refers to anal sex; however, the actual dictionary definition includes anything considered "unnatural or deviate sexual intercourse" which may include everything from oral sex to sex between partners of the same gender
spanish fly:    An alleged aphrodisiac that consists of some formula with powdered blister beetles. When ingested this concoction is actually very dangerous and can cause infections and irritation of the bladder. Can be fatal.
sperm:    The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation
splash conception:    becoming pregnant from semen that drips from the anus and into the vagina after anal intercourse
spunk:    British term for semen
stallion:    A male who possesses a very large penis
straight:    A heterosexual
stud:    A male who is in great demand as a sex partner
stud muffin:    An incredibly tough and independent woman; not to be confused with stud
suck off:    To perform oral intercourse on the penis
swinger:    One who accepts free love from those married or unmarried
swinging:    consensual sex involving the exchange of marital partners for sexual purposes
swish:    A male who behaves in a feminine manner
switch hitter:    A bi-sexual

   - T   

tampon:    Cotton absorbent cylinders that are inserted into the vagina to soak up menstrual fluid
tea room:    A public men's rest room
testicles:    The male reproductive glands
third sex:    Homosexuals tongue
thrush:    A vaginal infection caused by candida or monilia fungus. Nasty.
tit fuck:    intercourse between the female breasts
to tongue:    To perform oral intercourse on
toolbox:    The male genitals
tossing salad:    The act of eating out the anus of another person with your tongue and lips.
trade:    A passive male prostitute who caters to homosexuals
trick:    A sex partner
tubal ligation:    to surgically seal off the fallopian tubes, effectively sterilizing a woman
turn a trick:    To take on a sex partner for money

   - U   

uncut:    not circumcised
urethra:    Duct which carries urine and semen
urogenital:    referring collectively to the urine/sex organs of males or females
urolagnia:    Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine

   - V   

vacuum cleaner:    One who applies great suction during oral sex
vagina:    Orifice of female sex organs, this is what harbors and takes the penis in during sexual intercourse, it extents up and back from the labia and ends inside at the cervix
vanilla sex:    Any non-kinky sex acts
vasectomy:    sterilizing the male by snipping the tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the prostate
versatile:    Bi-sexual
vibrator:    an electrically driven machine that vibrates
virility:    The sexual power and capacity of a male lover
voyeur:    One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engaged in sexual acts
vulva:    collective term referring to a woman's external genitalia

   - W   

wank:   masturbate
wanker:    a man with a large penis who is unaware of his sexual capacity or unwilling to use it to his benefit
water sports:    sex involving urine or urination (also "scat", sex involving feces)
wham bam:    Rapid and hurried sexual activity
wiener:    The penis
work off:    To masturbate
work up:    To create passion of to be passionate

   - X   

X:    The unknown

   - Y   

Yank:    masturbate
yeast infection:    a common type of fungus infection of the vagina

   - Z   

zipless fuck:    meaningless intercourse
zoophilia:    see bestiality, sex with animals

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