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Panalt Herbal capsuless

Not Kiding! Cape Town
You weren't kidding when you said this product works well. Its REALLY a good product. Its the first one that I have used that actually does exactly as it says. My sex life has never been better. Therefore I would like to order another box.
Am I a Freak? Santa Barbara - USA
Am I a freak? Panalt is said to work for I thing 70 something hours! I find 1 capsules works for me for over a week! Is this normal?
Jurgen Hamburg, DE
My wife wants to know when you are bringing out a Panalt for females, becasue she has a hard time keeping up with me when I use Panalt! ....:)
Slim Sunny Spain
The new Panalt is definately a great product. Works for me in every way, I am very happy with the results everytime I use this product
Happy Texas USA
I am interested in this product because my husband had prostate cancer surgery + radition + hormone treatment, all with definite result of erectile dysfunction. Nothing has worked for us and there really seemed to be nothing availble for someone with damaged vessels due to prostatectomy. This product has worked better than anything we have tried and I would like to share it with others going through the same thing.
My Routine Buster - New York
I am 67 years old and although still sexually active, I had had problems for a number of years with maintaining erections everytime. Sometimes it would just go flacid for no reason during intercourse!
Now I take 2 Panalt capsules a week (Tue and Friday) and I can have complete and satisfying sex, anytime, without any concerns to my ability!
This has changed my life, my sexual activities are now carefree...
Best Buddy Lance - Port Shepstone
A buddy of mine gave me one of your capsules. Not having a real problem with the water works I left it in my side drawer.
One day I was cleaning up my drawer and notice the capsules. What the hell I thought and took it!
Well, I thought I never had a problem with my water works! I was mistaken, sex was amazing that night. My wife was very surprised, as much as I was.
Watch out guys, these things creep up on you without realising you have a problem! To my best buddy.. Thanks for the product and a new meaning of sex for us!
Thank You Grateful - Surrey
I would just like to say Thank You - I was having immense marital problems due to my inability to perform and satisfy. I was at my wits end!
This product has made my life complete again, for that, I say Thank You, Sirs!
Gee Whizz Grant & May - Kansas City
Gee Whizz Hells Bell and Little Whistles! Whay can I say besides the fact that we are imnpressed.
I never had a real problem, so I thought, just the ocassional weakish erection now and again. Well Panalt taught me differnt, I never realised I was lacking, now I have a smiling lady, and if she smiles, that pleases me too!
No Litle litle Madrid
Yes this product no work litle litle, it make a big difrince to my manlyness, I feel strong likr the bulls. ya very good
This is amazing Tiny - Margate Florida
I was sceptical and hesitant to order youir product originally, but did.
This product is truly amazing! I get no headache or sinus stuffiness which Viagra gives me and I have an erction that I have not seen this firm for years. I am spreading the word about this amazing problem...
Yeah Right London UK
When I came acrtoss yr internet page, I thought yarh Right, this pill can do all this. I was wondering if it was all just a big money making scam (Many around)

Well tried the product the night I received it, and there is nothing on the internet page that is not true about yr prodcut!
What amazed me was my ability to have sex again within a short period after the first! This is something I have neve been able to achieve before, ever!
So you get my thumbs up and 10/10...Great Product
Very Satisfied Johannesburg SA
I am an individual person who has been suffering trying to satisfy my wife for about a year now. Limp erections or erections that just wouldn't last. Exhausted my medical aid with Cialis which helped but had side effects.Got this tablet from a friend and tried it and it worked great!
Yes It Works JR - Alberton
With the prescription stuff, I get short of breath and a bad headache, this certainly has non of these efffects on me, and the effects are pleasantly fantastic!
Where have you been all this time Richard - Tacoma WA
Where have you been all this time! I now realize how under rated I was in the bedroom. I feel like a new man!
Outrageous Greg D - London
This stuff is pleasantly outrageous
Really Enjoy It Zinto - South Africa
Your stuff works all the time.i have erections at wrongs times and places, but i really enjoy it.
Had a problem Colin - New York - NY
I had a problem - Now I do not have a problem
Need a helmet Warrior - Belfast Ir
You need a penis helmet with these pills, not long and the old dingaling gets raw. Someone please invent a penis helmet to protect my dong from this amazing torture!
EDNOMORE Peter& Fran Down Under
ED was a problem for me, this treatment has made ED-NOMORE... Now Fran is smiling and definitely whining as I pump and dump for hours on end !!!!!
1936 Vintage Miami FL
I am 68 and have not have an erection for a few years. The first capsules showed not so much effect, but Wham! after the second capsules I could not believe my pecker was up and ready. This is wonderful, Thank you, thanks you, thank you.
51 and strong Ezra -ZA
The most ever in my life was sex twice in one night. I have been using this product for about 4 months now and sex multiple times in a night is not uncommon. I feel more confident and I feel more healthy.